Filli Kitchen


Filli Kitchen wished to redefine the traditional dynamics of food and cooking by bringing delicious food recipes in everyone's easy reach. So for all your desi, continental, pizza, burgers, or sandwich recipes, Filli Kitchen is the door to knock on.


To make their website and social media efficient, effective, and attractive for the users, Filli Kitchen knocked on the doors of Unit52. They wanted us to create their digital presence by developing a website and generating awareness about their food venture through a solid social media presence.

Services Offered

Unit52, with all our designing, development, and social media management specialties, crafted a perfect plan. First, we designed and developed an eye-catching and interactive website.

In comparison, our social media marketing strategy helped them create awareness about the website and enhance customer reach through public posting, engagement, and conversations. We presented their digital child to the world, and the customers were automatically drawn to it.


With professional designing, website development, social media marketing, and management services that increased their digital reach, We developed a stunning site and drove customers’ engagement on all social channels.