Nexus Cloud


Nexus Cloud is a news stories management system that brings all the person's subscribed, liked, and preferred news stories in one line. It saves one's time and energy and makes their life easier.


Nexus Cloud has an extraordinarily brilliant and innovative idea of creating a flawless and comprehensive news management system that would make everyone's life easier and simpler.

They came up to Unit52 with their idea and wanted a web and mobile application for news management. We took it as a challenge because the application they wanted was a far trickier, tech-savvy, and intensive one.

The app design & development was complex, as we had to take care of an easy & flawless user journey while displaying favorite news channels on the screen.

Services Offered

After multiple briefing and conceptual meetings, we were finally able to craft a design and development strategy for Nexus Cloud that sat perfectly with their needs and specifications.

Our talented team, like always, dedicatedly designed and developed an app that was compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets alike.

We made sure that the app must be flawless and that both the user and the owner could reap equal benefits for the app.


With the expertise and skills of our professional team, we crafted a high-quality application, Nexus Cloud, that drew users towards itself automatically.

The user experience and the interface were seamless for the customers and soon gained traction on Play Store search engine results.