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Top 10 Online Earning Websites In Pakistan

With advancements in technology, the freelancing industry has rapidly caught fire around the world. Pakistan did not waste a minute and soon caught up to this raging global freelancing trend of earning money online in the last couple of years. People are searching best online earning websites in Pakistan to start making money online.

Fast forward to the COVID-19 and quarantine days, stay at homework, and freelancing became even more widely spread and accepted, which was also facilitated by the raging unemployment due to the closure of businesses and factories.

As people gradually but increasingly inclined towards freelancing, there has been a lot of speculation about the legitimacy of freelance websites in Pakistan that needs to be cleared out of the way. Several digital marketing agencies in Pakistan are offering home-based jobs for people who want to earn money online.

So in this article, we will be talking about the best and most legitimate freelancing websites that can be used to earn online in Pakistan without investment in 2021.



Fiverr is the first name that pops up in our minds whenever someone asks how I can earn money online in Pakistan that promises guaranteed results. Fiverr is one of the top online making websites widely popular amongst freelancers around the globe.

For people who are looking for an answer to how to earn money online in Pakistan and kickstart their freelancing career in any given field of expertise, Fiver can be just the right platform.

If you are looking to earn money online from Fiverr in Pakistan, create a profile, craft a creative gig to pitch your services to the buyers, humbly and calmly handle a project, and finally deliver the project.

Fiverr, like any other online marketplace, uses Payoneer as their primary money transaction method. Hence, you must make a Payoneer account for smooth monetary transactions.



The second platform is the list is Upwork. On these platforms, employers post projects, receive offers and bids from freelancers from all around the globe and then select one according to the best expertise.

Upwork is the most transparent freelance marketplace across the globe. It has buyers from all over the world, and sellers can earn a handsome amount working on Upwork.

To win over a project on Upwork, it is necessary to craft a unique and innovative proposal that meets the buyer’s requirements. Your proposal must indicate a solution to the problem of the buyer.

Further, when a project is delivered, both the buyer and seller leave reviews that help them earn projects in the future. So make sure to provide quality services to get good reviews.

Finally, if you choose to work on Upwork, you can easily use any money transaction method to withdraw your payments, even through direct local bank transactions.

As the trend of stay-at-home and freelancing work widely spread across the country, people started looking for more credible freelance websites in Pakistan that they could sell their services on.

If you are too looking for an answer to how to make money in Pakistan online without any startup investment, then check out as well. is preferred by companies looking for both long-term and short-term projects and getting the most affordable services from all around the globe. is a highly dense platform that you can easily make an account on and start bidding on projects in no time.

All you have to do is make an attractive proposal that highlights your USPs and propose projects that meet your expertise. This platform clears project charges upon the completion of milestones, which means that you will only get the payment when a specific portion or completion of the project, as set by the employers and the employees both.


People Per Hour
PeoplePerHour is another freelance marketplace that is widely common amongst freelancers of all fields and expertise. To start earning from home as a student or stay at home, all you have to do is create a profile on and complete all the requirements. 

Once your profile is completely set up, start bidding on thousands of projects available on the platform. As the client accepts your proposal, you can begin completing the job in portions or one go, as decided by the buyer. uses an escrow account money transaction method that the buyer handles. In this method, the project fee is deposited in the account piece by piece and then released to the freelancer once the project is completed.

It is a perfectly suitable freelance platform offering freelancers to make money from the comfort of their homes. is another efficient and popular online earning website that can be used to kickstart your freelancing career. is one of the oldest and most credible online marketplaces founded in 1998 and has gradually evolved as the perfect freelance platform. It is effortless to pick up projects and get started on

All you have to do is create a profile on the platform and then send price quotes on different projects based on the expertise you can offer.

Once the project is completed, you will get the payment using any feasible payment method. You can also get paid membership to avail benefits like more bids, discounts on job fees, and more.



Fivesquid is another freelancing platform that offers opportunities to earn money online without any investment, which is not as popular as the others.

This freelance platform is equally credible and legit as other famous names on the internet. This platform is relevantly more popular in the United Kingdom as the buyers are mainly UK-based.

While freelancers from all over the globe can find work through Fivesquid, the dealings are always done in pounds or sterlings.

If you want to easily begin your freelancing career and earn from online work at home, then Fivesquid can be just the platform for you. This platform works a lot like Fiverr and requires no investment to start your freelance career.

Work Chest

Other than some common freelancing platforms mentioned above, many people are still unaware of other relatively not-so-famous online working websites.

Nonetheless, all these websites are equally credible and profiting for freelancers looking to kickstart their online working careers quickly. One of those converted websites is

It’s a Pakistani freelancing platform developed by a renowned Pakistani freelancer Hisham Sarwar. This is the best platform for Pakistanis who are willing to earn money online.

All you have to do is create a profile on this website and craft a unique and selling gig to pitch your services. For better clarity for the buyer, you can also mention the desired price and delivery time in your pitch gig.


99 Designs

99designs, once again, is a well-known and profoundly popular freelancing platform particularly befitting for designers.

It connects designers of all expertise and types from all over the globe under one roof. This can be just the right pick for you if you are a talented and creative designer and want to earn money from home in Pakistan.

99designs is specifically made for designers and features a creative process that connects designers and employers from all over the globe to work on designing projects like logos, cards, t-shirts, and many more.

If you want to work as a freelance designer on 99design, there are two ways to get hired. Either participate in a contest put up by the employers or pick up direct work with a designer.

In the contest, you can submit your unique and stunning designs and let the client pick one that they find the best.



SEOClerks is another online working platform created for freelancers offering SEO services. It later started catering to freelancers of other skills.

This platform is similar to Fiverr, offering short-term projects at a decent fee. For buyers, it is easy to post their projects on this platform and attract expert freelancers of that particular expertise from all over the globe.

Whereas it is immensely feasible for freelancers because there are no limits to the prices you can charge and earn from working on this platform.

Create an optimized profile on SEOClerks and get started by either creating a new service or selecting from the already available categories on the platform.

Select the bidding option and start applying to custom projects if you cannot choose a service from the given options.

This platform features various payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin, etc.



The last, but certainly not the least, is the FlexJobs freelancing platform. It is another relatively unknown freelancing website that is not known by many yet has many pros.

However, it is a reasonably credible and legitimate platform catering to freelancers who are in dire need of remote working opportunities and are willing to work seriously.

But, unlike other websites that only require you to create a profile to start working as a freelancer, this platform will require you to buy a membership and get valuable services and perks from the forum.

The membership can get easy for you to land on better jobs and projects more easily and quickly than others.


We live in an internet-savvy era that has shifted every means of living online in this date and time. As more and more people are inclined to work from home, the freelance working trend is catching fire more rapidly than ever before.

Hence, if you want to start your career in freelancing and become the best in no time, then this is the time to start. Stop wasting time on short tips and tricks to earn money online, just pick any right digital skill of your choice, spend time to learn it, do practice, and start offering services on freelance marketplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How to receive payment from international websites in Pakistan?

There are multiple ways to receive payments from freelance marketplaces in Pakistan. The best platform to receive payments from freelancing websites is Payoneer.

2- How can I earn money by sitting at home in Pakistan?

If you want to earn money online in Pakistan, freelancing is the best way out there. You just have to learn any digital skill of your choice, practice it daily, be an expert and start offering services on freelancing platforms.

3- How can students earn money online in Pakistan?

It is the passion of all students to earn money online. Students are searching for online jobs in Pakistan. Students can earn money through:

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Selling Products On Social Media
  • Selling Products On Ecommerce Sites
  • Website & App Development

4- Which online site is best for earning?

If we talk about freelancing websites, the following are the best sites to make money by offering your services.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fivesquid
  • WorkChest
  • 99designs
  • SEOClerks
  • FlexJobs

5- How can I earn from Fiverr?

Fiverr is the best platform for newbies who want to earn money online by offering their services. Create a profile, optimize it, create gigs of your services, and send buyer requests. In this way, you will get orders from buyers. Provide them with qualitative services. Once the order is marked “completed”, you will get the payment.

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