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Motion Graphics

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In an ever-emerging and digitalizing world, the face of content is on a constant role. As the content platforms change, the demand and channel of content take a whole new shape, and it becomes necessary to succumb to the ever-emerging challenge and provide what the readers need. In this current era of cutting-edge technologies and the changing form of business, the success of a brand is defined by how strong, impactful, and powerful its online presence is. When assessing the level of online presence on the competitor's scale, we can find our answers through website traffic and audience engagement. The definitive point of any business's online presence is how communicative and engaging their brand is in today's world. Soon enough, leads and an increase in online sales follow in the strategy.

If you want to grab your customers' attention in a highly engaging and competitive online consumer market, your content must be short, to the point but adequately conveys the message across the platform at the same time. What better way to cramp all of these three elements than Motion Graphics? Taking your content on a spin and giving a visually pleasing experience to the users can be a great way of providing an edge to your competitors and adding creativity to your core business message. If you are looking for a motion graphics company in Pakistan to increase your business engagement online and give a boost to your potential line of customers, then put your trust in Unit52. We are a pioneer motion graphic agency working with a dream team to bring your vision into reality. Trust us to turn your dull and unengaging content into a visually appealing and enchanting experience for visitors. While strategy is to sell the business, art brings engagement and starts the conversation.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are a great way to transform dull and static content into a compelling and attention-grabbing message. Motion graphics, also commonly known as monographs, are pieces of information and notes conveyed through the platform in the form of a rotating or motioning illusion digital footage. Motion graphics create an illusion of visually appealing sliding and rotating graphic content that promptly grabs the user's eye and sparks an interest in your content. Here at Unit52, avail highly experienced and skilled services of animated motion graphics and motion graphics illustrations to make your content aesthetically appealing and attention-grabbing for the readers.

After years of field experience and contributing to hundreds of projects with their motion graphic designing expertise , our team takes pride in providing motion graphic services that start the conversations and boost engagements. We dedicate our time studying your audience, craft motion graphic infographics that deliver the brand message, and obtain sales and marketing goals.

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Motion Graphics Process




Animation & Video

Sound Design



We put strategy first and prioritize our client's brief to bring art in the picture to grab the reader's attention. While art boosts engagement, getting the message across is a definitive element at the same time. So we start with scripting the content.


Once the script is ready and we have your feedback on content that will start the conversation, we make storyboards. Our storyboard stage consists of illustrating the concepts and rendering every frame in full detail. With a sequence of still images, we know how to maneuver the graphics.


To spark an interest in your reader's mind and eyes, we will provide you with one of the highest quality and creative motion graphics that you will have never anticipated before.

Animation & Video

Once we have a concept and design in hand, the next step is towards making animation and videos to complete the picture. Along the way, we take our clients with us through the journey with structured reporting services.

Sound Design

Without a catchy audio experience, the motion graphic designs do not make the same impact as expected. So our next step includes adding sounds to the motion graphic design.


Once the motion graphic concepts video or animation is completed, we plan and carry out a grand launch for your audience to witness the visual and audio masterpiece.

Benefits of Motion Graphics

With the dedicated and talented motion graphic design team at Unit52, you can empower your brand and tell your story uniquely and creatively. We believe that telling your story to your customers will make you a part of life in the long run. At Unit52, we create brand identities and cause a stir of attention in the audience. Here are some benefits of motion graphic design services by Unit52 that can boost your brand across the globe.


Brand Recognition

Through eye-grabbing and exciting motion graphics across your online platforms, your business will start a conversation and engage the audience. Motion graphic demonstrations give your brand a unique identity and create recognition amidst the competitors.


Simplify Complex Topics

Through eye-grabbing and exciting motion graphics across your online platforms, your business will start a conversation and engage the audience. Motion graphic demonstrations give your brand a unique identity and create recognition amidst the competitors.


Highly Engaged

In a highly competitive and technologically advanced era, grabbing the audience's interest can become a tough nut to crack. Whereas with motion graphic videos and animations, engaging and starting a conversation with the customer base becomes far easier.


Time and Cost-Effective

Motion graphics is a cost-effective and time-saving method to present your content in visual form. Today's people consume more visual content than written form. Having an appealing brand's video will help your business to stand out in the crowd.


Emotionally Captivating

Consumers can only engage with your brand and product if you give them the liberty to invest emotionally in your content. With the motion graphic videos and animations we design, we will emotionally captivate the readers in your otherwise boring and static content.


High Conversion Rate

With higher website traffic, what follows is an even greater conversion rate, which, in turn, is beneficial for the business's sales. Motion graphics will encourage higher engagement and website traffic that eventually add up to the company's sales.

Why Hire Unit52 For Motion Graphic Services?

Unit52 promises nothing but the highest quality motion graphic services that will take your brand to the top of the engagement bar. Our talented and skilled motion graphic team will create a brand identity that resonates and connects with the users. We like to call ourselves one of the pioneers and the best motion graphic companies in Pakistan because we can bring your visions and concepts into reality. What you expect and want in your motion graphic videos and animations is always our priority. Choose Unit52 if you wish to transparent pricing and avoid any hidden costs, stay updated and streamlined with the storyboarding and design process through our reporting services, and want hand-drawn videos to give your readers a motion graphic experience like never before.

Industries We Serve

We collaborate with our industry expertise, deep insights, and human-centered approach to provide creative solutions that inspire possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Motion graphics is the spin-off of the content that gives it a rotating or motioning illusion. It provides a visually and aesthetically pleasing feel to the content that resonates with the audience.

Motion graphics is the new way of digitalizing your content, starting a conversation with the consumers. With a fascinating and eye-grabbing content framework, high engagement will eventually boost business sales.

Usually something between a week or two, but at the end, we will create an animated video for you according to the timeframe you have selected and agreed upon with our team. We strive to provide quality at the end of the day.

Get in touch with our customer representatives online and start a conversation with our talented motion graphics team to know the entire pricing framework. Our 24/7 working team will promptly get back to you.

Initially, we hold the rights to all the designs that our design team has created. Once all the payment procedures are completed, and the financial dealings are successful, the client is immediately given full access to the artwork. They will be able to access all the files. They can utilize their design however they like. 

If you are looking for economical prices, a talented team of designers, care about the engagement of your business online, and want to connect with your audience, choose Unit52. We craft hand-made animations and videos that will give your audience a visually pleasing experience.

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