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What Does A Digital Marketer Do
What Does A Digital Marketer Do

Over the years, the face of digital marketing has completely transformed. As internet usage grew globally, digital marketing strengthened and began to take over the conventional ways of marketing. Following the immediate changes in internet behaviour and use, the digital technology department grew and took several sub-categories under its wings. To this date, digital marketing […]

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Best search engines other than google
11 Best Search Engines Other Than Google 

Besides Google, have you considered using any other search engine? A search engine that immediately comes to mind is probably Google. The reason is that it holds a large share of the search engine market. The search engine is used by more than 90% of web users. How about other search engines that provide better […]

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Texas Sues Meta's Facebook Over Facial Recognition Practices
Texas Sues Meta’s Facebook Over Facial Recognition Practices

Ken Paxton, Texas’s Attorney General, announced on Monday i.e. Feb 14th, 2022 that his office had filed a lawsuit against Meta for using Facebook’s facial recognition technology. Initially, the Wall Street Journal reported that hundreds of billions of dollars were sought in civil penalties in the lawsuit. In the lawsuit, the company is accused of […]

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content writing tips for beginners
Beginners Guide To A Successful Content Writing Career

How To Start Content Writing? Content writing has rapidly evolved as one of the most lucrative and in-demand industries throughout the globe. From digital news outlets, sports, entertainment, lifestyle to science and tech digital magazines and business websites – content writing has become a necessity for everything and a must-have ingredient for today’s digital age. […]

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shopify vs woocommerce
Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which One Takes The Trophy Home?

Shopify vs WooCommerce If you have your eyes on starting an online store, then Shopify and WooCommerce are the two best ecommerce platform options you can choose from. However, these platforms hold equal pros and cons that can stir confusion in people’s minds. Both the platforms are innovative and unique and provide full-fledged ecommerce solutions to users. To address […]

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online earning websites in pakistan
Top 10 Online Earning Websites In Pakistan

With advancements in technology, the freelancing industry has rapidly caught fire around the world. Pakistan did not waste a minute and soon caught up to this raging global freelancing trend of earning money online in the last couple of years. People are searching best online earning websites in Pakistan to start making money online. Fast […]

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seo vs ppc
SEO vs PPC – What Is Best For Your Brand?

Search Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click – SEO vs PPC As a business owner, you might find yourself stuck in the dilemma of choosing between SEO and PPC for expanding the footprints of your digital marketing plan. While the end choice depends on the nature and requirements of your business, there are still some basics about […]

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likee vs tiktok
Likee vs TikTok – Which One Is Better And Why?

With the widespread use of the internet and digital technology, social media platforms have swiftly become the prime focus of marketers, influencers, and advertisers. While some already renowned platforms that businesses and marketers use to grow their brands, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, now TikTok and Likee joined the race. While the popularity […]

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TikTok Ban In Pakistan
TikTok Ban In Pakistan: Is Likee Surpassing TikTok?

The emergence of video apps like, TikTok, and now Likee gained rapid popularization in all age groups globally. The business industry also picked it up as a new digital or influencer marketing platform in no time. These videos quickly became a significant source of entertainment for people around the world. It lets the users […]

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scope of digital marketing in pakistan
An Ultimate Guide To The Scope Of Digital Marketing In Pakistan

Over the years, digital media marketing has taken over the traditional means of marketing. With the increasingly spreading demand for digitization, the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan has undoubtedly boosted. To define digital media marketing in a bracket – it is the modern means of branding and promotion to meet businesses and clients globally […]

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Google Confirms Delay In Search Console Reporting

SEO professionals and officials worldwide have been struck with a problem ever since a delay in the Google Search Console Reporting is being rumoured globally. Soon after, Google notified all its website owners about an internal issue causing the delay in index coverage reports. The notification was confirmed by an official tweet from the Google […]

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