Google Confirms Delay In Search Console Reporting

SEO professionals and officials worldwide have been struck with a problem ever since a delay in the Google Search Console Reporting is being rumoured globally. Soon after, Google notified all its website owners about an internal issue causing the delay in index coverage reports.


The notification was confirmed by an official tweet from the Google Search Central’s account on Twitter on September 14, at 5:11 am EST. As a result, we saw many website owners worldwide taking up to the official Twitter account of Google to inquire about the delay in Search Console Reports last month and choosing to believe that the two are somehow interconnected.

The SEO professionals are mainly facing a problem with Google’s ability to report but not index, crawl, rank websites or pages. This, in turn, means that the recently published pages are being indexed but not included in the Index Coverage Reports.

While Index Coverage Reports are facing an issue, there are still other ways to check if your pages are being indexed. One of such is by using the ‘site:’ operator option in the Google Search tab.

Like you, we have no idea when this issue will be solved as there hasn’t been a certain estimate by Google itself. If we look at the last Google Search Console Index update, it dates back to August 31. But no issue was reported until September 9, when Google’s John Mueller took up to Twitter to acknowledge the problem.

Five days and counting, we still have no idea what is going on and when will the problem be fixed. But here is our 2 cents on what’s up:

We have seen numerous instances of such delays in the past, so it is not uncommon. But, unfortunately, all any of us can do is wait for the problem to get fixed patiently.

However, according to the Search Console Help, there could be a possible lag between the time of data calculation and its availability on webmasters. With constant data being published 24/7 left, right, and center, it is constantly being collected by Google.

All we can do right now is wait for Google to fix the problem or give us a rough estimate regarding when the issue will be resolved. Upon any update, we will meet you here with an updated article surely.

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