Business Invitation or B-VITE, an interactive platform that provides an enhanced solution guaranteeing the security & safety of your business property. The unique feature of the system is that the service receiving party, the individuals (visitors invited by the employees), do not have to interact with the system via any mobile or web interface to receive the authorization. Messaging channels available to every mobile subscriber all over the world. Your digital business invites are one step away – download B-VITE mobile app now to experience an interactive world of technology!


Nexus Cloud

Nexus Cloud provides the most exhilarating new experience in the global arena of an ever-changing world, transforming an outline of current news, for the audience in actuality by discarding biased views since forever making your dailies informative. As clients are continually looking for technological solutions that sum up news, save energy they spend on perusing different news sources, Nexus Cloud sets a stage for you to live those stories as if they were your own. Your perception for a better tomorrow is revolutionized in seconds, just through one ingenious app – NEXUS CLOUD!


Aircraft deals with the intricate exercises of aviation and provides MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), followed by the most ultra-modern aeronautical maintenance solutions so you can experience the aviation environment that you’ve never experienced before. Aircraft empowers you to effectively design, execute and evaluate your everyday tasks. Aircraft uses the most exceptional innovations to engage professionals by giving them high-tech tools engineered for life as well as multifunctional gadgets through its industry-driving UI. You are one step away from the cutting-edge tech-savvy tools and Aircraft makes it possible through its innovative mobile app technology.


RO Advisor

Intellectual capacity and immediate response to the operation of the reverse osmosis (RO) system are fundamental for a productive and proactive process. The greatest challenge for RO is to discover approaches to decrease energy utilization, utilize renewable energy (green initiative) and power systems, enhance the cycle of water purification. We set new guidelines by consistently increasing outcomes and developing in each part of our business. We help our clients, outside and inward, prevail by expecting and addressing their necessities. We develop our fortitude broadly by accepting variety and streamlining activities all across the globe.

Peoples Desk

Our People’s Desk user-friendly customized HR interface ensures efficiency. It accelerates HR processes through automated workflows, facilitating you to store complete electronic employee profiles as well as streamlining HR processes like promotion, transfer, leave, and sabbaticals, etc. When you align with UNIT52, you benefit from a strategic partnership that provides you with nothing less than the best. Our experience and perspective allow us to act more like an extension of your organization – a true partner.