B-Vite is a unique and intuitive business management system that ensures the safety and security of guests visiting the company, manages the checking in and checking out of visitors and vendors, and takes care of employee and staff attendance.


B-Vite is a product that takes care of all the organization's recording needs and takes care of the security of the assets. It was developed as a mobile and web application both for efficient and effective use.

Our developers faced many challenges in developing this application because of its highly tech-savvy nature and use. But with the experience and professionalism that our developers hold, they indeed rose above this challenge.

Their expertise and skills helped them create this software application to make the check-in and check-out process of organizations entirely digitized.

Services Offered

Our professional and experienced team holds years of experience and skills in tackling the most tech-savvy and complicated mobile and web apps.

They used this set of skills to produce a flawless and one of the most innovative security management and check-in/check-out system one can ever think.

Our UI/UX designers crafted beautiful & stunning designs, while developers gave life to this design by creating a perfect application with a mobile approach that worked seamlessly on all technological devices.

In addition, the app includes a range of features to make sure that the customer journey and experience are nothing but utmost flawless.


We crafted a flawless mobile and website application for companies to safeguard their organizational security easily. This application, which is highly compatible with smartphones, PC, laptops, and tablets, has changed the game of business management systems forever. Unit52 and its professional developers are the masterminds of this unique idea.