TikTok Ban In Pakistan

TikTok Ban In Pakistan: Is Likee Surpassing TikTok?

The emergence of video apps like Music.ly, TikTok, and now Likee gained rapid popularization in all age groups globally. The business industry also picked it up as a new digital or influencer marketing platform in no time.

These videos quickly became a significant source of entertainment for people around the world. It lets the users pick between millions of music or dialogues to make funny, entertaining, and awareness videos. But what is the latest news of TikTok ban in Pakistan?

People took up to the social media platforms and Google and asked persistent questions regarding the ban of TikTok in Pakistan. In this article, we will be answering the question of why is TikTok banned in Pakistan

When the video app TikTok was launched in Pakistan, this country swiftly became a huge market for this Chinese video app. But in October 2020, TikTok was banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) over complaints of immoral and indecent content by the regional audience. After that, the creators & audience of TikTok started to transfer to another Chinese video app, Likee.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is an immensely famous 15-second video application used by billions of people around the globe. It allows the sharing of short-form videos on any topic one can think of. 

It differs from its predecessor Music.ly because it enables users to choose from many song snippet selections, filters, special effects and add videos directly from mobile storage.

But why did TikTok get banned, and what is the latest news about TikTok in Pakistan? Keep reading to know more.

Why Was TikTok Banned In Pakistan?

The first news of TikTok in Pakistan being banned emerged back in October 2020, when the complaints of immoral and indecent content circulated the social media platform and soon caught the eye of the government.

However, after the ten days of the ban, it was lifted after the assurance of TikTok to block the accounts involved in spreading vulgarity.

However, fast forward to March 2021, the ban on TikTok was imposed once again by the Peshawar High Court concerning the same complaints as before. 

Although that particular ban on TikTok was lifted in April 2021, the suit of the TikTok ban in Pakistan was later followed by the Sindh High Court following continuous complaints in July 2021. 

Sindh High Court directed PTA to cut off access to the Chinese-owned app TikTok for violating the cultural boundaries of the country and spreading vulgarity and immorality.

After TikTok was banned in Pakistan, the Chinese-owned app claimed that in the last year, they had removed around 6 million videos after the TikTok news Pakistan to deal with the spread of vulgarity and obscenity in the region. However, after the irregular patterns of imposing and lifting bans, the avid TikTok users started to move to other video apps like Likee.

What Is Likee?

Similar to other video apps used in the past, like TikTok and Music.ly, Likee is also a short video creation application that allows users to showcase their talents through funny and entertaining short-form videos.

It is widely used around the globe by 100 million monthly users promoting creativity and interaction through fun-filled content. However, since Pakistan’s irregular imposition of bans on TikTok, more and more users have started shifting to Likee.

However, since the ban on TikTok, people have wanted to know which app is best after TikTok? The short & simple answer is Likee, as it is the fastest growing and most entertaining app.

The Takeover Of Likee Over TikTok

The TikTok Pakistan ban is giving a clear pathway for the rise of Likee in the country. The audiences of Likee are increasingly growing in Pakistan due to the app’s features that allow users to stream live videos with friends and fans for interaction and entertainment. 

They can also share short-form funny, entertainment, and awareness videos that showcase their talents and launch events for higher customer reach and engagement through the app.

Seeing the on and off imposition of the ban on TikTok, the avid users and influencers were left with no other choice than to shift their fans and business to Likee.

Likee Is Getting Huge Rankings

This Likee app quickly rose to the #1 rank of photo and video apps on the App Store and Play Store search engine results in Pakistan. We could also see an instant rise in the number of female app users following the ban on TikTok, which increased from 11% to 46%.

Hence, after the ban of TikTok in Pakistan, Likee took no time to become the next favorite video and photo app in the region because of its specifications and features.

The keen users of TikTok found this app exactly matching the bar of their standards, as Likee allows users to do all that they can through the TikTok app and much more.

As the users move towards Likee, the businesses also use it for marketing their products and services. Likee provides complete branding solutions for your brands where you can advertise your business and maximize your ROI.

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