DigiCrafts is a California-based accessory customized crafting business. From apparel, logos, and other accessories like stickers, DigiCrafts give you a customized crafting e-commerce store.


DigiCrafts asked for Unit52's professional services to develop an efficient, practical, easy-to-use, and attractive e-commerce store that assisted the customers in designing and crafting their personalized accessories.

In addition, they wanted Unit52's assistance in bringing their digital e-commerce store out to the world, enhancing their search engine results ranking, and creating awareness regarding their business.

As a reflex, Unit52 was compelled to bring our best designing and development game forward and give DigiCrafts experienced and excellent services.

Services Offered

Like all our other designing and development services, we gave DigiCrafts a digital product that matched their satisfaction standards. In addition, we gave their website a design that influenced high customer engagement, website traffic, and easy customer conversion rate.

Whereas, our web developers took the necessary care of making DigiCrafts the talk of the town by making it a website that is easy to navigate. On the other hand, our SEO specialists crafted a search engine optimization strategy that pushed their Google search engine ranking to the top and automatically boosted their website traffic.


DigiCrafts was delighted to work with Unit52 and got just the set of services they were looking for. They were delighted to see the result of our design and development strategies that gave them the much-needed results they were looking for. DigiCrafts wanted a push to get their presence over the internet, and Unit52 gave it to them.