Easy Khata


Easy Khata is a free online ledger/khata book app to manage and control your personal and business accounts. It's a money management mobile app that keeps track of your money, either credited or debited from you.


Easy Khata approached Unit52 through its agency for digital advertising. The primary goal was to get quality app installs while focusing on low CPI and CAC scores. The demand for quality installs was a challenge as the client wanted to target the users not only to install the app but also to use it.


Unit52 offered a fully-fledged digital advertising solution to Easy Khata with its performance dashboard. We created an advanced strategy to meet the requirements for this three-month campaign. We target the highest potential audience based on interest, demographics, and behavior while keeping our client's goal in mind.


The result of this campaign was impressive as we helped Easy Khata to achieve the desired goals. With our advertising strategy, we provided highly qualitative installs to Easy Khata while maintaining the best CPI, CAC, and CVR. The campaign stats are following:

  • Total Impressions: +50M
  • Click-Through Rate: +3%
  • Total Installs: +15K