Easypaisa, launched in 2009 by Telenor Pakistan, is a Pakistani mobile payment, mobile wallet, and branchless banking service provider. It was established in partnership with Tameer bank, renamed Telenor Microfinance Bank, in 2017.


Easypaisa reached out to Unit52, looking for a professional team to provide a more focused digital advertising strategy and achieve the company's desired goals. The goal was to get more app installs while maintaining CPI and CAC. The crucial challenge was Appographic targeting. To this end, the client was looking for a partner that could unlock a new scale while hitting their CPIs.


To deliver the company's objective, the digital advertising team of Unit52 focused on the significant aspects and offered them the performance dashboard. In this campaign, all the targeting was done to meet the goals of Easypaisa. Highly interactive creatives were used to get maximum audience attention. Moreover, the client has control of the dashboard to update the creatives, optimize the daily budget, and control the campaign.


As a result, Unit52's digital advertising strategies helped Easypaisa get a maximum number of app installs while maintaining CPI and CAC. In addition, appographic targeting played a vital role in achieving the results. The client was on board for one month, but after getting incredible results, they worked with us for four months. The campaign improvements included:

  • Total Impressions: +300M
  • Total Clicks: +14M
  • Click-Through Rate: +3%
  • Total App Installs: +120K