Pak Elektron Limited (PEL), founded in 1956, is a Pakistani engineering corporation manufacturing major home appliances and electrical equipment.


PEL was launching its Wedding Jackpot campaign for wedding season, and they were looking for perfect branding solutions. The primary goal was to create awareness for this campaign on a large scale. Pel hired Unit52 to take its Wedding Jackpot campaign to the next level. We rose to the challenge and helped our client succeed.


Unit52 accepted this challenge and created a solid brand awareness strategy for the new campaign of PEL. We offered branding solutions on imo. We identified and optimized against top-performing demographics and geographics to leverage a wide range of audiences.


The result of this campaign was genuinely impressive as first-time Bigo Ads got the highest CTR in the Pakistani region. We delivered remarkable results and surpassed all the expectations of the client.

  • Total Impressions: +700K
  • Total Clicks: +42K
  • Click-Through Rate: +4%