Roohani Dunya


Roohani Dunya is a blessed idea that the owners wanted to spread worldwide through a digital website and presence. It is an Islamic center that wants to grow digitally and spread the teachings of Islam to Muslims around the globe.


The client of Roohani Dunya wanted to build a full-service website that integrated all their services and events efficiently, which sure was a challenge for the developing team of Unit52.

They wanted every section and page separated and clear and the content and design to be engaging and persuasive. With all the challenges, we still tried our best and rose above the expectations.

Services Offered

When Roohani Dunya knocked on the doors of Unit52, we were delighted to take them on as our clients. Once they provided us with all their ideas, needs, and aspirations, we rose from all the challenges and provided the services they needed.

With their help and cooperation, we crafted a website for Roohani Dunya that perfectly showcased all their services and gave it a design that was well caught and loved by all the users.


As a result, we helped Roohani Dunya in creating its digital presence over the internet. We made a catchy and stunning website showcasing all of the services.