WOW Take Away


WOW Take Away is a Rawalpindi-based eatery that provides delivery and takeaway services of mouth-watering and scrumptious fast food. The diner came into being with a mere idea of bringing appetizing excellence using digital platforms, and Unit52 gave life to their vision.


WOW Take Away came to Unit52 with big ideas and aspirations to make their eatery the talk of the town. But it was a challenge for Unit52 to bring those dreams and visions to life for multiple reasons.

Firstly, the already crowded digital platforms are full of eateries that are hard to beat as competitors. Secondly, building the digital presence of WOW Take Away from scratch was another challenge, but a challenge that Unit52 was not willing to abandon.

We stepped up to the satisfactory standards of our clients and provided just the services they were looking for.

Services Offered

WOW Take Away was looking for a professional digital marketing agency in Pakistan to develop a captivating and efficient website and manage social media platforms for the highest customer engagement and conversion rate.

Unit52, with the utmost cooperation of the WOW Take Away team, made all that possible for them. We crafted a digital marketing strategy that included website development and social media marketing from scratch.

Our developing team researched the market and crafted an influential and eye-catching website for them that boosted their impressions, website traffic, and conversion rate.

In contrast, our social media marketing team expanded its social presence through Facebook and Instagram marketing. With highly engaging and conversing public posts, we were able to increase their following on multiple platforms.


As a result of all those services, Unit52 gave WOW Take Away a digital hold on all social media platforms. We also significantly impacted the eatery's sales turnout with engaging and conversing social media marketing. We created a fan following and loyal customer base for this much-deserved eatery.